Asset area debottlenecking to enable new (accelerated) field development

In the study the DPS was used to debottleneck an entire asset area by removing the water from one of the major infield pipelines and thus open for an early field development of a new discovery in the area


The asset had a pipeline connection that was restricted by a pipeline that was literally filled up with more than 70 % water, this a serious bottleneck for future near field developments in the asset area. The new discovery was just barely meeting the financial development threshold.


A produced water management system (with the DPS inside) was modeled in at a subsea well cluster. The processed water was removed from the pipeline and thus opening up for more production from existing and new near field wells. The new development project was also connected to the DPS for produced water removal


  • Increased production from increased oil recovery (lower back pressure) on all involved fields
  • Increased production through accelerated production of new wells / satelite fields
  • Production with significant reduction in chemical usage
  • Enables debottlenecking of asset infrastructure and reduces the effect of “back-out” arrangements
  • Significantly lower break-even price for the entire development project