The Dual Pipe Separator - Reinventing separation technology

A versatile separation system for land, offshore, topside and subsea.

The Dual Pipe Separator (DPS) introduces new technology that makes oil separation more efficient. By removing and treating water locally, all transport from the well or field is for oil and gas only. This will reduce costs and increase revenues, by enabling increased oil recovery and accelerated production. This business effect will be especially significant subsea, where the DPS opens up for new production tie-ins on existing infrastructure.

  • FPSO
  • Onshore
  • Subsea
  • Topside

< 0 ppm

Oil in Water quality

< 1 %

BS&W quality

0 %

Weight reduction and low footprint

15 000 BPD
30 000 BPD
60 000 BPD

Liquid capacity per day


Our partners

You can adjust to the different phases of the life of an oil field. You can add, or remove modules to handle the different situations, like the build-up phase or decline phase. This is an major advantage.

Eirik Sverre Jensen

Chief Operational Officer, Lundin Norway

Pump-free subsea boosting. The removal of produced water at the seabed has similar effect to a subsea booster pump with increasing effect as a function of increased water depth and water cut. The DPS could in some cases effectively boost production by 25-30 %, and increase asset valuation by as much as 100 % in the most extreme cases.

Erik Reiso

Partner, Rystad Energy