SBS completes full scale high pressure testing at Statoil´s P-Lab in Porsgrunn

During May and June 2017 SBS performed an intensive test of the DPS technology using the multiphase flow loop and with real Troll oil. The test fully demonstrated the capability to fulfil the requirements to decant all water, thus also meeting the high quality expectations from ourselves and our prospective customers.

Testing under real process conditions was conducted to verify performance since influence of surfactants, gas and process components such as valves and pipe arrangements might effect the separation performance.

The test set-up was arranged to be comparable to a subsea installation where mixing at subsea choke, transport in pipeline and gas handling where critical aspects. Staoil P-Lab in Porsgrunn was elected as our test site and partner due to the real life conditions they can offer in their test facilities. Real oil, gas and water at real temperatures and pressures.

The DPS system performed as expected and showed huge tolerance towards typical process upset scenarios, both induced by the process flow conditions and the instrumentation management.

The DPS proved to have the ability to deliver very good oil quality and water quality. The water quality was sufficiently good to enable discharge directly to sea. A normal installation, for subsurface discharge will use a downstream water polishing technology to meet regulatory requirements < 30 ppm. The oil quality was suitable for export to the host facility with a BS&W< 1 %.